About us

Knowledge & passion from father to son

The history of our concrete company

Starting up the business

Karel Maes is the founder of Maes Betonfabriek. In 1949, he started producing concrete slabs and posts in the Grachtstraat in Dessel and building up fences, sheds and garages.

For the first few years, all products were manufactured with hand moulds, until Karel finally started using a tilting machine in the 1970s. Since 1978, his sons Luc and Dirk are running the business. They in turn purchased their first slab machine, with a capacity of 300 slabs per day.

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Moving locations

In the 1990s, production moved to Nieuwedijk in Dessel, where our company is still located today. In 2000, Luc’s sons Jelle and Senne got on board to support the production process and sales.

In 2008, we heavily invested in a fully automatic concrete plant with a double mixer, a first automatic slab machine with a capacity of 700 slabs/day and a new machine to produce posts. We further complemented our machinery park in 2012 and 2014 with an additional tipping and slab machine.

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New production hall & warehouse

Thoughtful investments & further expansions

Our new production hall was festively opened in 2018. We also commissioned three additional machines and expanded our workforce.

Since 2020, our customers can visit our renovated warehouse for fencing, wooden pallets and other fencing materials. That way, we are a one-stop shop for both professionals and private individuals. As we try to reduce our ecological footprint, we invested in a solar panel park with 600 units.

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Opening a second production site

To meet the ever-growing demand from our customers and foreign merchants, we opened a second production site on Goormansdijk in 2021. Two new slab machines were immediately commissioned there, increasing production capacity by 1,200 slabs per day. Moreover, a solar panel park with 300 units will be installed on the site in 2023. Meanwhile, our team has over 20 employees who can produce more than 200 tonnes of concrete per day using our machinery.

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Looking at the future

Jelle and Senne have big plans for Maes Betonfabriek. In the next few years, for instance, they will renew and expand our machinery to continue delivering high-quality products. They will also increase our company site and workforce, allowing them to continue to respond to our customers’ growing expectations. Innovation is the key word in their operating procedure!

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