Maes Betonfabriek

Your specialised concrete supplier from Dessel since 1949

A reference in Belgium & abroad for concrete products

From generation to generation

For companies and private individuals looking for high-quality concrete fencing or other garden fencing materials, Dessel-based Maes Betonfabriek is the ideal partner. Our company was founded in 1949 by Karel Maes. His sons Luc and Dirk took over the business in 1978.

Since 2022, Jelle and Senne have been the third generation running the company. Within our family business, we pass on our knowledge of concrete over the generations. Therefore, our company is known for its high-quality products, even beyond the Belgian borders.

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In need of tailor-made fencing around your property?

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From concrete wall posts to fences

Modern production process & spacious warehouse

In our production halls, we produce a wide variety of concrete products, including slabs, posts and infrastructure components. Our fences and clinkers are distributed from our recently renovated warehouse.

Most of our customers are contractors and merchants from all over the Benelux countries, France and Germany. However, private individuals can also visit our showroom in Dessel, after which we deliver the products they want on site.

You can familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of our company through our Facebook and Instagram page.

What can you turn to us for?

Our product range

Concrete for fences

Maes Betonfabriek produces concrete fences and posts to reinforce wooden fences and wire fences.

Concrete infrastructure elements

To realise garden projects, you can obtain fitting rings, L elements and Wirtz borders from Maes Betonfabriek.

Clinkers & outdoor tiles

We distribute concrete and ceramic tiles as well as natural stone and baked clinkers from brands such as Martens, REDSUN and Stone base.

Fencing materials

Will you go for a fence made of wire, wire panels or a wooden fence with matching gate? Plenty of options!